Swiss lab verified to keep herbs fresh for up to 3 weeks! Creates an ideal environment to keep herbs and asparagus fresher longer.

Our adjustable height container is designed to fit precut herbs from the market, fresh cut sprigs from the garden or spears of asparagus. Interior herb tray features a leaf shaped handle for quick and easy access to your herbs and to refresh the water reservoir. The herb tray also features a removable divider insert with 3 sections to keep herbs upright and organized.

  • Adjustable height container will fit a variety of herbs
  • Removable divider tray with 3 sections keeps herbs upright and organized Herbs stay fresh for up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator
  • Fits in the door or on a shelf in your fridge
  • Fill line on base indicates maximum water level
  • Cover, base, herb holder and divider included

Dishwasher Safe