The ultimate transformer. A flexible mat that can be snapped together into a colander, funnel or bowl or used flat as a cutting mat. Chop, rinse, drain, and serve a salad; chop vegetables and easily transfer them a pan or bowl; create a funnel to pour flour or sugar to storage containers; and display fruit beautifully on the table; all with one kitchen tool.

Create a Salad with One Mat. Chop salad greens on the mat, snap the mat together to create a colander, rinse and drain the greans. Then unsnap one side and pour the salad into a bowl.

  • Knife friendly material.
  • Prepare, transport, strain and drain.
  • Can be used as a colander, funnel, or cutting board.
  • Change the shape by connecting the snaps.
  • Easily transfer chopped food to pan or bowl.
  • Use as a colander to wash fruits and vegetables.
  • Drain chopped tomatoes before adding to sauces and salads.
  • Create a funnel to pour ingredients into storage containers.
  • The bright modern look makes a beautiful fruit bowl for the table.

Store flat when not in use. If mat will not lie flat, rinse under hot water and dry flat.


Dishwasher suitable.


13.125’’ round